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How would we describe boat hair? The hair that was once tamed, docile and coerced into a shapely “do” that has been set free and transformed by the sun and the wind and humidity sounds about right. It is hair as hair was intended to be….WILD! But one should never confuse boat hair with crazy person hair. They may look similar but are entirely different. Crazy people don’t ride on boats.

For some the spread between work hair and boat hair can be rather considerable…..you might never know that they were the same person. For others like me, work hair and boat hair are nearly the same except for a few more hairs pressed into place for the work variety. But as I sit here and daydream about being on that great sea yesterday riding the waves and wakes, I recall my hair was as wild as wild could be. I had boat hair and I liked it!

Sitting at the office today you should be able to spot one or more co-workers with leftover boat hair. It would be the guy with most of his hair in place except for the one clump off to the side that just does not lay quite flat but wishes to be free like it was yesterday, blowing in the lake wind.  It could even be one of the ladies with her hair normally flat, but noticeably a bit more voluminous and a little bit wild. It will be pretty much as it normally is, some of it free and flowing and waiting to break free. The hair remembers the previous day spent under the sun and blowing in the breeze. All of the sprays and gels in the world can never contain the wild spirit of the hair. Today these people will look like they are working (as they should be) but their hair is in another place. It cannot wait for Friday for that it is when it’s time to get that BOAT HAIR back on.




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